Practice Exams

How To Pass the VTNE?

VTNE practice questions and VTNE practice exams are the best way to prepare to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam.

In order to take the VTNE, you must be a graduate of an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) or Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) accredited veterinary technology program or a program approved by the regulatory board governing your jurisdiction. Before you take the exam, you must also submit an application to the AASVB.

How do VTNE practice exams differ from VTNE practice questions?

The term "VTNE Practice Exam" usually refers to a set of VTNE practice questions completed as one session that is timed.

Since the VTNE is a timed exam, it is important to do some of your vet tech prep by practicing answering questions in this manner. This will train you to distribute and prioritize your exam time without feeling pressured by working against a clock.

VetTechPrep's veterinary technician practice test questions are designed to help you learn and get a feel for what it is like to go through questions continuously, as in an actual exam.

While format of the VTNE practice tests on our site mimic the functions of the VTNE, you will have additional functions to further your studying, such as the ability to go back, mark questions you want to review at the end, and end your exam at any time. Since you may not always have a full hour to sit down and take a practice test, VetTechPrep practice exams are given in 30 question blocks. If you must end an exam early for any reason or do not complete it in the allotted time, you will NOT lose access or be penalized statistically for any questions you do not answer. VetTechPrep will only score the questions did answer before you closed the exam.

Explanations are also available for VetTechPrep's VTNE practice exam questions, but are not accessible until the end of the exam. You should at least review the explanations to any questions you answered incorrectly, although reviewing all explanations will provide additional information and is recommended.

In Summary

Approximately one-third of the people who take the VTNE exam do not pass. Use VTNE practice questions and VTNE practice exams to ensure that you are among the two-thirds who do pass. VetTechPrep's guarantee means we're here to help you pass the VTNE with flying colors!