Practice Questions

How To Pass the VTNE?

VTNE practice questions and VTNE practice exams are the best way to prepare to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam.

In order to take the VTNE, you must be a graduate of an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) or Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) accredited veterinary technology program or a program approved by the regulatory board governing your jurisdiction. Before you take the exam, you must also submit an application to the AASVB.

Why do I need VTNE practice questions?

VetTechPrep consists of over 1300 questions covering very specific topics. VTNE exam questions cover topics such as laboratory procedures, nursing care, pharmacology, diagnostics, surgical prep, anesthesia, and dentistry.

Veterinary technician exam practice questions provide a way for you to review specific topics in a format that is similar to what you will encounter on the exam.

Why would I choose VetTechPrep for VTNE practice questions?

In addition to modeling our questions in the format of the vet tech exam questions, VetTechPrep has also emulated the ratio of question types so that your study materials will have a similar percentage of items for each category (the VTNE Practice Domains*).

VetTechPrep also has other unique features, including a web-based interface so you can get accustomed to using the computer, as your VTNE exam will be computerized.

VetTechPrep allows you to choose to study by system/category (i.e. anatomy and physiology), or to have questions generated randomly, as they will be on the VTNE. Each question will be followed by a detailed answer explanation, so that you know why your answer was correct or not. You should read each answer explanation thoroughly as this will often have additional information about the disease and/or other answer choices. Users report that reading the answer explanations carefully is the most helpful aspect of Vet Tech Prep for VTNE preparation. Studying in this format is far more interactive and engaging than conventional VTNE practice question books or VTNE flashcards.

Some questions will have links to VetTechPrep PowerPagesTM which provide additional review material about the topic presented in the question. These PowerPages can be reviewed on-line immediately, printed, or revisited at a later time.

VetTechPrep provides detailed statistics and graphs to allow you to view your progress, and identify your weak and strong areas so you can better focus your study time.

VetTechPrep is portable - with our mobile app, you can take your vet tech exam practice questions with you on your mobile device or smartphone and study anytime, anywhere!

In Summary

Approximately one-third of the people who take the VTNE exam do not pass. Use VTNE practice questions and VTNE practice exams to ensure that you are among the two-thirds who do pass. VetTechPrep's guarantee means we're here to help you pass the VTNE with flying colors!